Erin Lauraine

Lauraine's ATA Martial Arts

Teri is great at presenting the course in a very effective and efficient manner. I remember sitting for up to 8 hours for a CPR course and not getting near the amount of information as her course does - In less than half the time! She was able to come to my business and certify all of my employees on OUR schedule which was very convenient. She keeps it simple, informative, and fun! We all had a great time (even my younger teenaged staff), and were left feeling very confident in our knowledge and skills. Highly recommended!!! 

Susie Hanner

StoveTeam International

I've had several CPR trainings over the years. I found Teri's to be extremely exceptional. She has synthesized the vast amount of required information and focuses on the essential skills--a very to-the-point presentation with great explanations and no wasted words.

Ramona Houston

RunningFawn Productions

As house manager for Ronning-Fry Foster Homes, we use Terri Baker as our CRP Trainer/Tester for years for our CNA's and caregivers.Teri has a very professional attitude when it comes to her work. She is a very clam, caring and compassionate person. Terri is able to make you feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable of situations, and is able to take charge, and has a way of explaining what she needs you to do in an emergency, in a very clam but getting the point across at the same time voice. She is an expert in her field of CPR Training. 
I strongly would recommend Terri, and would use her again and again in the future. 

Sue Kelman

McKenzie Willamette Hospital

Teri is a very skillled clinican and is very talented with her teaching abilities. As an educator for BLS and sales of AED it is evident she cares about the health of our community. I feel fortunate in having crossed paths with her in this last year. I would definately use her services again. It is a pleasure to do this recommendation.

Chad Breedlove

LifeGuard Medical Solutions

The nature of my business requires trustworthy providers who communicate well and are professional. Teri meets each of those criteria and has been hired on 4 separate occasions to service my clients.

Steve Thomas

Training Center Supply

Teri is dedicated to enabling others to save lives, both through training and through AED placement facilitation. We've discussed issues and best practices for our profession many times. Teri has a good grasp on what this business is all about, and how to most effectively enable others to save lives. She also has a good vision for what we should be doing better and keeps an eye on developments in training and lifesaving technologies that are on the horizon. I very much enjoy discussing our profession with her.

Elizabeth Hilgendorf

Matchmaker Realty Co.

Teri is well organized, thoughtful and focused. When it comes to working with people she is considerate and gets the job done with sensitivity and humor. I would recommend her to anyone. 

Elissa Couch

Pahrump Valley High School

Teri is a knowledgeable, caring CPR trainer. I highly recommend you hire her for all your CPR training and AED needs. '-D

Judy Moffett

Springfield School District

I have known and worked with Teri for several years. She is proficient, professional, and is an excellent teacher. I give her my highest recommendation without reservation.

Carolyn Hare

Autism Tissue Program

Teri is a driven professional and deserving of endorsement. It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for her. In addition to a diverse professional background, Teri's commitment to community education makes her one of the finest trainers I've encountered.

Sandra H.

BLS Healthcare Provider Student

This was the nicest CPR training experience I have ever had! Emphasis was on helping us feel comfortable handling an emergency - Thank you so much - I will not dread coming to my next training.

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