Teri Baker CPR Instructo

Teri Baker


American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor

​Owner, Lane County CPR & AEDs Northwest


Teri has been certified in CPR since the early 1970's, which gives her a unique historical perspective of this life-saving skill. She has been an American Heart Association BLS instructor for over twenty years, and has years of experience in pre-hospital emergency care volunteering on three fire and rescue departments as an EMT-I and Firefighter-B

Her personal goal for teaching CPR is that each of her students understands the "why" of CPR. In order for students to fully grasp the power of CPR it is vital they should know the following;


  • Why compressions are so important,

  • Why ventilations aren't,

  • Why time is of an essence,

  • Why hesitation is deadly.


Because of her decades of being both a student and teacher of CPR Teri is able to dispel myths and urban legends associated with CPR. Her goal is to make each student confident in their CPR knowledge and competent in their ability to perform this life-saving skill set.